clough & associates, inc.
architectural & planning services
woody clough, a.i.a. / architect

840 heritage lane / akron, ohio 44333
(330) 668-2219 / fax (330) 668-2286
toll free (866) 868-9228 or e-mail

custom designed homes, interior designs
condomimium designs, multi-family homes,

commercial homes, shopping and office

building designs

house designs to fit an individual's lifestyle

home design concepts for house additions
and house remodeling

custom homes of all sizes and styles

office and commercial building designs
to enhance and adapt to the work space

architectural renderings or computer models
of exterior and interior designs

computer-aided walk through of the
architectural designs to see each
individual space, it's lighting,
materials and views from windows

services for architectural planning, land
planning, zoning, construction documents,
bidding with contractors, construction
monitoring and consultation

affordable costs by tailoring services
to the individual's needs

free consultation and cost estimates
for architectural services


Custom homes - house designs for your dream home. We provide architectural and planning services for custom designed houses, custom homes. Custom designed houses & house designs offered. Build a home.

custom homes
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