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custom homes

1. bath, ohio / 5000 sq. ft.
our house designs each have uniquely
different details with concepts from
traditional to french, arts & crafts,
tutor, shingle, and contemporary

the custom homes are each developed
to fit the individual's lifestyle and the
specific design criteria they selected

we also develop house designs and
construction documents for additions or
remodelings to enlarge and adapt the
existing home so that it becomes
part of the orginal

the photographs and architectural styles
of house designs on these pages reflect
the individuality of our clients and their
families, and are examples of custom
homes that have been recently built
home design 1
2. silver lake, ohio / 4800 sq. ft.
home design 2
home design 4
3. richfield, ohio / 5600 sq. ft.
home design 3
4. oak island, north carolina / 1800 sq. ft.
home design 4a
5. cuyahoga falls, ohio / 4200 sq. ft.
home design 5

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custom homes
custom homes